HTC as main partner
HTC as main partner
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Enable Passion is proud to announce HTC as the main partner for the Atlantic Kite Challenge. According to the Enable Passion spokesman: “This is exactly the support we need to make our challenge a big success”. HTC-inside source reveals: “internal diplomatic warfare has started over who gets to fill the spot on the boat”.

Freeride in the Waves
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When you speak to Mark – you know you are talking to someone out of the ordinary. Instantly. He is one of those guys who stand on top of mountains so steep, that you could only fall down. And so he does. Only instead of falling, Mark touches the mountain with his ski’s and makes it even look good! So what would a mountain legend like Mark do on board of a yacht about to cross the Atlantic Ocean – with a kite?

“Pursue the opportunity of a lifetime”

That is how Mark sees it – and that is how we see Mark. Welcome on board buddy 🙂

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Few people know more about the kite-surfing industry than Mr. Mystic – Max Blom. Max has been supporting the sport with technical innovations for over 10 years and has traveled the worlds’ end to spread them around. Between the negotiations with Chinese manufacturers and Tropical-Island-photo shoots Max is out there doing what gives him his smile.. Ride the kite.

He has seen the world, ridden the shores and is now ready to go big. These are his words:

One of the first Mystic riders is Ruben Lenten. Through Ruben I met Filippo. He had an interesting dream. To ride the biggest downwinder ever done by a kite together with a group of inspiring people. I was stoked from the moment I heard about the project. Beside Mystic one of my other dreams is to do something very challenging with my biggest passion, kite surfing.

To cross the Atlantic Ocean by kite is what every kite surfer dreams of and especially me! Therefore I told Filippo I wanted to join him on this epic challenge. The idea was born by true passion and that is what the challenge is for me.

I feel very privileged to join the team and thank Filippo and the team for the opportunity. We will work our ass off to make it to the other end of the ocean. It will be hard at times but I am 100% sure we will overcome those moments. The great thing about this challenge is not only the adventure on the ocean but also the hard way to achieve it together with a group of people who share one common thing: passion!

“ If you want to go quick go alone, if you want to go far go together’’

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What better way to train for an Atlantic Crossing than in the snowy white planes of Norway?! So. That is what Camilla Ringvold does – every week.

It was some time ago that we got in touch and it was clear right away that this lady has the right vibe…

“I love to kite, I love the ocean, I love to explore, I love being a little crazy – crossing the Atlantic with a kite is a dream waiting to come true – but also a massive task. Enormous forces will be thrown at us from mother nature, hauling winds, massive waves, wild animals and grueling depths…but my biggest worry are trash and containers floating around out there that we might hit in the dark when we can’t see that well.

This is our adventure – our dream, enabled by our common passion for kiting. We are going to rock the Atlantic ocean!!”

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