Tuesday December 17th The Arrival

By sunrise, land was visible in the distance on the horizon. What so many believed to be impossible, was now a reality! We headed to the coordinates on the north side of the island, where we were scheduled to meet someone from the Big Blue Unlimited team to give us some additional equipment, in order for all six of us to ride in at the same time together.

As two boats pulled up, we all gathered on deck. “Look there are people” Camilla shouts, as we see new faces for the first time in weeks. One boat with the gear, and another following behind it with our families! Everyone jumping and shouting across the water as we had a first glimpse of being reunited. With loved ones in sight, everyone was motivated to get the procedures going, and make landfall. We waited for a rain cloud to pass, and the wind to restore, and started launching kites. Usually a launch requires at least 4 team members, so getting us all out was gong to be tricky, but with the help of the sailing crew, who had watched it done countless times, we went for it.

Dennis first, myself second, Camilla third, then Filippo, Ike, and finally Max. As I tacked back and forth around the Double A, waiting for the rest of the team to join, I began to see kites on land raise into the air. One by one, they started to line the beach. The local riders were all coming out on the water to ride with us in for the final stretch!  Timing worked out perfect that Max hit the water at the same moment the group of kites reached us, and we all set off in the direction of the island together. With the help of the local riders, we checked off the final leg of our trip. Once we got as close to the island as possible, we loaded onto the yachts, as girlfriends jumped into the water unable to wait until land to give their welcome home kisses.

As we pulled up to the Blue Haven Resort, music was blasting and lights were flashing, flares in hand, as everyone stood cheering us on at the dock. We signed a few necessary customs forms, and hoped off of the yacht and onto the long awaited dry land! A moment filled with so much joy, still difficult to step off of our safe haven the Double A, we have all been so happy to come to know as home. With a brief moment to share some much needed hugs and tears with our friends and family that came to support us, we were escorted to the stage by the Governor and Premier of the Island!

The energy and excitement of the incredibly warm welcome was everything we could have imagined and more. Truly a night of celebration!! After the welcoming ceremony, where we were honored with trophy’s, ribbons, the Turks and Caicos official flag, and congratulations of all types, we pulled off our wetsuits and equipment vests for the final time of the journey, and got ready for a party we’ll never forget. Champagne and celebration were in order to share the last part of this experience with all of the people that gave us the time and ability to be here in the first place.

The people of the Turks and Caicos, and the Blue Haven Resort and Marina are absolutely amazing. We couldn’t have picked a better place to arrive and realize the dream that has driven each of us for so long now. Although in so many ways we never wanted it to end, the completion of this adventure was worth every bit of hard work and dedication that it took to get here.

Over these last 27 days, we learned to work together as a team, and push the boundaries of not just adventure kiteboarding, but also overcoming obstacles and struggles against all odds. We learned from each other, shared our joys, as well as our fears as we conquered them together. We learned to trust one another, save one another, and challenge one another, proving if you never give up, anything is possible. We chased the sunsets for over 6000km’s, into the dark of night, and back again to the beauty of the morning sun. We experienced the deep blue water, and the wildlife that gets to call it home. We got a feel for how small each of us are in this amazing world we live in, yet also felt how connected we all can be within it, working together for one purpose. We confirmed what we set out to do from the beginning, if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go as a team.

Thank you all for sharing and being a part of this journey with us, and we look forward to the next chapters, both with Enable Passion, and in each individual journey. Not just for each of us on this crossing, but all of the dreams that will be chased and new stories that will be lived and told throughout you all. If only one person is inspired to go for that thing in life, that gives you a spark in your eye, then we achieved our goal in every way. Chase your dreams, never give up, do it with unstoppable passion, and make our world a better place!

By Eric

  • niels

    goed gedaan gasten waneer gaan jullie weer deze keer moeten jullie mij echt meenemen als kiter of back up echt dit wil ik zo graag ga zo wel weer ff kite om om me conditie op pijl te houden kunnen we niet n tv progamma maken over kite en de mooiste plekjes op aarden en dat ik mee ga ;) hoor graag snel van jullie

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