A movie in the making

To cross an ocean was one of my dreams. When RTL productions asked me to film the HTC Atlantic ocean kite challenge I did not hesitate for a minute and said YES.

So here I am together with 2 flight cases full with gear. I have two camera’s with me, two laptops, 6 Go Pro’s, and many many external hard disks.

I film with a canon XF 305 and his little brother the XF 105. The last one is mainly for the night since it has a night vision. My biggest fear is.. will everything be working until we arrive at Turks and Caicos.

Salt water and film/editing equipment are not a match in heaven. So every day when I click the power on the camera and its working I feel relieved and happy. Unfortunately I have less luck on the editing department. Both my card readers are dead. I have only 7 flashcards to film on, so I need a card reader to put it in the computer.

With my card readers not working it this not possible. I have been stressed about it. But thank god I found the solution. At the moment my card reader is my camera. Thank God the connection of the go pro camera fits also my camera, so all my material is safe on my 2 terra disk and on my back up. At the moment this camera is even more important now then ever before.

To make a film on the Atlantic Ocean feels sometimes almost the same as the kiters challenge. To keep you’re balance on a moving ship with a 3 kilo camera is not always easy. The real challenge is to film in the night. There is so much happening during the nights. But it is difficult to see since it is pitch black.

At the moment I sleep on the couch of the main cabin.. with next to me my camera which is totally ready to go. If something happens then I want to be there as soon as possible…and not miss out on anything. When RTL 7 asked me to make this film, my first question was… how will I film the kiting from a moving ship.. It seems impossible. But the 6 Go Pro’s are the answer and they do a really  great job.

I use several mounts. My favourite is the stick. The kiters are filming themselves in the face. Also I use one on the wrist, on the board, on the helmet, in the mast of the ship and in the kite. The last one gives a wonderful perspective in how amazing the kiters challenge is. You see a small kiter totally alone in the big, .. big Ocean… It is a beautiful and impressive shot.

Every day I film the 6 kiters doing their thing and I  think it is still unbelievable brave what they are doing. Especially the kiting at night and all the procedures are still really impressive.  I hope I can tell these stories in the same way as I experience them.

RTL 7 will broadcast the series of the adventures of the HTC kite challenge in 2014. Don’t miss it!

By Esther







  • Arjan

    Esther, I’m sure you did a great job to catch as much impressive action as possible. And what is missing, will be told by the team, right? I’m looking forward to see the finale cut. Hopefully RTL will offer a livetream that I can watch it in Germany. If not: Will a DVD be offered? And thank you all for blogging the nerve-racking stories day by day.

  • Merlin

    Lieve Esther, Naar je film en verhalen van dit avontuur zien wij uit.

  • Scott Floyd

    Can’t wait to see the film! I’m sure it’s utterly awaited by fellow Michigan kiters.

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