6th rider contest

The HTC Atlantic Kite Challenge



The 6th rider for the HTC Atlantic Kite Challenge will be selected by a video contest and a meet and greet with the team. Don’t worry – we are not expecting a professional production. All you need to do is send us a video explaining why you would like to cross the Atlantic Ocean with a kite. Simple right?

Off course – we want to make sure we all arrive at the other side safely. Some risks we cannot manage in advance – others we can! That is why we do have some selection criteria for our last teammate. Please check below, get inspired, and be in touch!

The Enable Passion Team

Please note: a personalized video for the Contest is highly appreciated!

Selection criteria

  1. Be available every Monday night for a Skype teammeeting
  2. Be available October 21st – 27th – to join our training week on the yacht along the Spanish coast from Alicante to Tarifa
  3. Be available November 16th – December 16th – to prepare in Fuerteventura, cross the Atlantic and have a kick-ass party in the Caribbean
  4. Minimum age 21
  5. Be able to ride 4 hours a day, for an extended period without getting the usual day/night rhythm

Contest setup

Sign up is closed. Nominees will be announced shortly.

  • Chris Dingemanse

    Studeer de 21ste af. Kan pas de 22ste in spanje zijn. Probleem? Voor de rest zeeen van tijd.

    Voor de rest past visie. Vet project!

    • Enable Passion

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your message! Arriving in Spain the 22nd shouldn’t be a problem. Looking forward to your application – and good luck with that thesis ;)

      Best – Enable Passion Team

  • Stefanie Fajardo de Nooy

    Ik wil ZEKER mee!! :-D

  • Toine de Klerk

    Het leven is één groot verhaal, maar het moet wel de moeite waard zijn om te vertellen!

    Toen ik dit zag wist ik het! Hier ga je de boeken mee in en ik doe mee!

    • Mark van Beek

      Yeah Toines, zeker iets voor jou! Lachen, kom hier via heel iemand anders op de site, zie ik jouw reactie! : :D EP, Toine is your 6th man!
      Finish op Aruba? Sta ik klaar met koude Chills! :D

      • Toine de Klerk

        JA Hopi bon! Denk alleen wel dat je na zo’n lange tijd op zee hebt gezeten je het eerste eiland pakt dat je tegenkomt ;) Who knows, wish me luck bro… Ayo

  • jaapkroket

    Beam me up scotty! Kitemobile is ready for a new record crossing!

  • Dave Alders


    Wat een onwijs gaaf plan E.P. Team. Uiteraard wil ik mee. Wat lief dat jullie het vragen ;-)

    One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team.

  • Chris Dingemanse

    Curious! Cant wait! Cant sleep! Will my next chapter be crossing the pacific by kite?

    • Anke Brandt

      :) Same!

    • Rodrigo Correa Silva

      Vamos amigo!! Esto es completamente para ti!!! Suerte!!!!

      • Chris Dingemanse

        Hey Rodrigo! como vas amigo? Gracias por el estimulo!

  • Enable Passion

    Contestants! Due to an overwhelming number of participants it takes some extra hours to announce the nominees. We aim to post tomorrow morning 1000 CET. We apologize for the delay… Stay tuned!

  • Dirk Zeevenhooven

    Hey guys, I wish you all the luck and wisdom you will need with the selection procedure this night! Do have some extra coffee ;-) May the best contestants be selected by you tomorrow! By the way, can you please let us know how many of the 70 people at least will be selected for an interview next week?

    Good luck everyone & hang loose!


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